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Choosing the Best Teen Sports Program for Your Child

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Ideally, your child will play for a coach who is a great mentor – the one who recognizes educational opportunities and communicates lessons in a positive, constructive way. But in addition to being a good mentor, participating in the right teenage sports programs is an important factor in your child’s sports entertainment. Choosing the wrong program or competition puts you at risk of harming your child’s athletics.

Just as a coach must find a team role in which a young player can succeed, you must find a youth sports program that best suits the child’s age, interests and playing level. Only by giving your child a choice of play options that match these elements can you provide the best sports experience.

To start

For the youngest children who are participating in organized sports for the first time (5-8 years), the emphasis is mainly on entertainment and learning basic skills. The fun at this stage is to run around with minimal structure and rules. Within a few years, your child will be able to participate more in the adult version of the game and learn more individual skills and group concepts. Competition is also introduced at this stage. Teen developmental and participatory sports programs are essential for children of both ages. You should ensure that your child’s teen 안전놀이터 department emphasizes these principles.

As your child gets older and their skills develop,

You may see your child excel in one or more sports. You are then faced with the decision to place your child in an advanced, more competitive ward. Your child may have the opportunity to play with older children. It is also possible that your child specializes in sports. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of these decisions. If your child really enjoys sports, is competitive by nature and is more physically mature, playing at a higher level with better players will usually improve his or her level of play. However, if your child develops too quickly, there is a risk that your child will gain confidence and enjoy the experience.

Avoid Specialization – See More Sports

Early specialization carries the risk of injury, burnout, and loss of the benefits of crossover from other sports. Several studies (most recently a 2011 study conducted by Loyola University Medical Center) have found higher injury rates associated with early specialization. For children who have not yet reached puberty, specializing in one sport is also risky because physical development (changes in body type) can limit their ability to succeed in that sport. For example, a young girl six feet tall is unlikely to succeed as a gymnast.

Try to balance your child’s development against these risks and choose teenage sports programs that you think will best suit your child’s special personality and abilities. The right youth sports program should challenge your child, but also give them the opportunity to enjoy the whole experience.

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If your child is part of selected travel teams,

You should still look for a program with good instruction. Leagues that mainly consist of league games, but with a little practice time, will not give coaches the opportunity to train and develop their players. Also keep in mind that talented athletes often enjoy competitions that emphasize participation. These divisions can provide an opportunity to play with friends in a relaxed environment. They also enable better athletes to develop and practice leadership skills. As a parent interested in your child’s happiness, you could do a lot worse than enter your child into a participatory educational competition.



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