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If you are looking for a good employment lawyer in Toronto, you can consider Stacey Reginald Ball, who has a solid reputation across Canada and in Toronto. This Toronto employment lawyer is a leader in the field of workplace law. Sherrard Kuzz is another excellent employment lawyer toronto. Both firms are devoted to protecting their clients. Sherrard Kuzz has been a leading employment lawyer for over twenty years, so you can rest assured that her experience and expertise will be invaluable to you.

Stacey Reginald Ball

If you’re looking for a quality employment lawyer in Toronto, look no further than the Stacey Reginald Ball. She’s spent her entire career focused on employment law, labour law, and civil litigation. As one of Canada’s top employment lawyers, she is considered a leading expert in her field. As the author of the definitive text on Canadian employment law, Stacey Ball is a leader in the field. Chief Legal Officer, offers a full range of legal services, a team of attorneys from various practice areas, allowing her to offer her clients a seamless, high-quality service.

With 25 years of experience, Stacey Ball can advise you on whether the severance package you were offered is fair. If you were wrongfully fired, she will help you negotiate better terms to make sure you’re treated fairly. Even if she can’t get you your old job back, Stacey Ball will help you fight for fair treatment. And if your dismissal was due to your performance, she can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

employment lawyer toronto

Advocation Professional Corporation

If you are looking for a reliable employment lawyer in Toronto, Advocation Professional Corporation can help. Its team of legal experts specializes in labour and employment laws, and the firm’s services are flexible. Hermie Abraham has been practicing law for over 15 years and owns his own firm for the past seven years. His law firm, Advocation Professional Corporation, helps clients create workplaces they can be proud of and understand their rights.

Another employment lawyer Toronto service is Stitz Litigation. This Toronto firm specializes in labor and employment law and can help you with both legal consultations and court cases. Its lawyers have extensive experience in labour and employment law, and provide legal counsel to clients in all sectors. In addition to providing legal services, Advocation also provides a wide range of human resource and employment-related services. For example, they can help clients with workplace policies, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIA) services, and labour arbitration and union grievance defence.


If you’re looking for an employment lawyer in Toronto, but don’t have the budget to hire an expensive one, consider a free program. These programs can help you with many employment-related issues. You can call them to receive a free consultation, or send an email. These programs will help you get the legal advice you need within a short period of time. However, they may not provide the comprehensive services that you need.

The Littler Toronto office specializes in employment law. Its lawyers are experienced in working with local and multinational employers. Their lawyers help clients evaluate their employment situations and navigate labour laws. With their flexible work schedules, they can serve clients anywhere in Toronto. They also offer different payment arrangements. The service is available online, making it ideal for busy professionals. You can even schedule your consultation and work with your lawyer through their website.

employment lawyer toronto

Law firms

Sherrard Kuzz LLP is one of Canada’s premier employment law firms. It represents employers in all sectors, including public and private companies of all sizes. They are recognized both nationally and internationally for their work, and are consistently named among the top employment law boutiques in Canada. Their attorneys are skilled in a wide range of areas, including construction labour relations, management training, and policy development. Their clients range from small, single-location businesses to large, multinational corporations.

The firm’s extensive experience helps clients in a variety of areas, including human rights complaints, terminations, organizational restructuring, and workplace investigations. It also excels in collective bargaining and labour relations matters. The firm’s attorneys are highly skilled in defending employers before various levels of courts and are highly capable of acting for private and public employers alike. Aside from employment law, their services also include other areas, including corporate and commercial matters.

Employment lawyer

If you have been fired from a job you hate and you’re considering hiring an employment lawyer, Monkhouse Law has a free phone consultation. The firm was founded by Toronto Employment Lawyer Andrew Monkhouse, and has 14 employment lawyers to assist you. They are dedicated to helping employees make legitimate claims against their employers and encouraging them to do the right thing. They will help you get the compensation you deserve for your suffering.

While Ontario offers robust protections for employees’ rights, there are always things that employers can do to prevent their workers from filing a lawsuit. Monkhouse Law’s employment lawyer Toronto service focuses on encouraging employers to do the right thing by providing effective legal representation for their employees. The firm is also creating an Employee Class Actions service to fight for the rights of workers in the Gig Economy, a world where Uber, Sidecar, Airbnb, and other disruptive companies classify their employees as independent contractors.

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