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Characteristics Of International School’s Teachers

In: Education

The characteristics of an excellent international teacher vary from one institution to the next. But, regardless of the school you’re working in, there are certain universal qualities that all great international teachers share. Being an excellent teacher isn’t just about having a passion for teaching and being able to communicate well with students. It also encompasses building a strong relationship between teacher and students, adapting your lessons to different learning styles and seamlessly incorporating technology into your classroom.

In seeking to identify the qualities of the best teachers, the following are the eight things that most international schools look for

1) Experience & Knowledge

If you enrol your child in an international school, they will be studying with instructors who have a lot of knowledge in the subject they are teaching. They will be able to present an exciting class thanks to their expertise. In addition to using various teaching methods to ensure that all students are reached, an international school teacher will encourage and protect student interest in their subject.

2) Excellent Communication Skills

A great teacher is also good at communicating. To effectively teach students, you have to be a good communicator. It means that you’re comfortable speaking with students and their parents. It would help if you also were good at listening to their concerns and worries. Many students at international schools speak English as a second or another language. It will mean that you’ll need to be able to adapt your teaching methods to help these students fully engage in the learning. Teachers who are fluent in English are valued.

3) Leaders of Extra-curricular Activities are Preferred

The majority of after-school activities for international school students take place in the school setting. Extracurricular activities, in other words, constitute an important part of international school life. International school teachers must be able and enthusiastic to participate in extracurricular activities. It demonstrates that you care for the school and, more importantly, the students outside of the classroom.

4) High Expectations 

The goals of international school teachers and helping their students succeed in school are also to help them reach their individual goals. It is partly due to the high standards they have for their students. Teachers motivate their students to accomplish their goals and objectives by reviewing their needs and encouraging them. 

5) A Subject Matter Experts

A teacher’s curriculum and knowledge of the subject matter must be outstanding. A teacher must be knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. They must be well-versed in the subject matter and capable of engaging all pupils and answering all of their queries. It is necessary to have a solid curriculum that is up to date with the latest advancements in the field, as well as curriculum knowledge.

Teachers must employ the medium of education with high standards regardless of the subject matter. In all of their classes, the teachers should insist on good language usage. In order to properly transfer their information, just a limited amount of time should be spent in class. They should use a lesson plan approach.

6) A Good Leader

Effective teachers also have to be great leaders. It means that you have to be comfortable leading your peers and colleagues and having to lead students as a sub-leader. Teachers are also good at managing their time and resources effectively. Teachers need to be confident in their abilities and willing to lead by example to be great leaders.

Effective teachers are also comfortable taking accountability for their actions. It means that you have to be comfortable owning mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions. Influential leaders are also good communicators and good listeners. It means that you have to be comfortable communicating and listening to different stakeholders in your school.

7) Loyalty

Incentives for signing up for short-term contract teaching at international schools are popular, as are short-term contracts that enable teachers to move to another school after two years. Long-term dedication and capacity to value being a member of the teaching team are required for instructors at international schools. 

8) Flexibility 

Teachers of international schools are excellent at modifying their skills to meet the needs of their students. Teachers do not rely on one mode of learning to meet the needs of their students. They use a variety of learning styles, focusing on lessons that accommodate a diverse group of students.

Wrapping Up

These are the characteristics of the best international school teachers. While each teacher is unique and has their approach to teaching and learning, they all should adhere to these characteristics. As you can see, the qualities of an excellent international school teacher are not only essential but also universal. Successful educators must be able to adapt their lessons to different cultures and be willing to take accountability for their actions. Although the specific teaching methods used may vary from one country to another, these are the characteristics you should be familiar with if you want to excel as an international teacher.

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