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Have you ever witnessed ducks swimming happily in a pond in the park and wondered if you could keep them as pets? You’re not the only one. Everyday, more and more people are bringing home ducks to incorporate into their lives.

If you believe that pet ducks might be the ideal choice for you Here are some helpful tips on caring for your duck and some issues to think about before taking a duck home as pet.

Check Your Local Laws

If you’re thinking of including pet ducks in your family The next step to take is check whether your city permits pet ducks to be kept as pets. Prehistoric Birds  

Certain regions won’t allow any chickens that are kept for pets (e.g. there are no birds or ducks). Certain cities allow only chickens, while others have more flexibility.

Some areas may allow the number of birds. They may limit the number of hours they are allowed to be outside. Be aware of the rules your city’s rules are it isn’t better than (or your pets!) to be tied, bonded and then be forced to release them for not following the local rules.

Benefits of Having Ducks as Pets

So, what are the reasons to consider adopting the duck as a pet? They’re feathered balls full of character! Each is unique and it’s enjoyable getting familiar with these people. Can People Have Ducks as Pets

They also have eggs and are more consistent about this than chickens. They’re also a long-lived pet. It’s possible to live up to 10 years if properly cared for.

Be aware that they release a ton of manure. Therefore, they make ideal pets if you own a an outdoor garden. They’re also less harmful to your landscaping and yard than chickens. They also eat a lot of insects!

Things to Consider Prior to Adopting Pet Ducks

Ducks can be quite high maintenance when compared to chickens. They require a lot of clean water, and is why they are constantly soiled. This means that they require cleaning frequently.There’s a lot of cleaning up to do with ducks. It is usually messy, dirty, and smelly.

As pet ducks are generally incapable of flying and fly, they can be a major threat to wild animals that live in the area. How Do Birds Have Sex This means you’ll have to supply them with cover for hawks, which must be placed on top of their pen. When they go outside the pet ducks should be kept under supervision and protected from possible attacks by coyotes.

Additionally, in my personal observations, ducks do not typically thrive in warmer environments. In reality, when temperatures are below 30 degrees F (and I’m located in Maine)–my ducks will only spend a few minutes of time out in the sun every day, and prefer to stay within my basement. What is an average mess to tidy up can be a lot more extensive when it’s inside the home.

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