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Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken Everything You Need to Know Before Feeding your Feline Raw Meat

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The food your cat eats is probably packed with cooked and processed chicken, however, cats in the wild consume whole chickens every day This could cause you to ask: Can cats eat raw chicken? The answer is a bit ambiguous. Arizona Birds If you’re considering giving your cat raw food or you would like to feed your cat snacks while cooking dinner, speaking to your veterinarian is the most effective method to ensure your cat is in good health.

Can Cats Eat Raw Chicken

Yes cat owners can consume raw chicken however it can be risky and not always recommended, according to Renee Schmid, DVM, DABVT, DABT, a veterinarian toxicologist working with Pet Poison Helpline. Cats are carnivores that are obligate which means they have to consume animal products in order to live. They thrive on diets high in protein and meat contains a variety of nutrients like taurine, fatty acids, and other vital vitamins. People who advocate a raw food cat diet believe resembling the wild cat’s diet, which includes raw bones, meat, and organs — is ideal since cooking meat may alter the essential nutrients contained in the meat.

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However, in 2012 The American Animal Hospital Association with the support by the Association of American Feline Practitioners issued the following position against diets that contain raw food for cats: “Homemade Raw food-based diets are dangerous because the meats sold for sale to humans could be contaminated by bacteria,” it reads. “Many diseases that are found within raw proteins could be passed on to humans through contact with food and pet food or surfaces. Unsuspectingly, a number of these microorganisms have been found to be resistant to several antimicrobials.” How can you ensure your cat’s safety? Talk to your veterinarian prior to adding new foods into your pet’s food diet, particularly raw meat.

What Are the Risks of Feeding Cats Raw Chicken

Cats can digest raw meats much better than humans can, and cats are at risk of getting serious infections from unhealthy bacteria, and parasites. “Eating any kind of raw meat can raise health risks for bacteria, especially Salmonella and Campylobacter. There is also possible exposure to parasites all of which could result in GI discomfort and possibly general illness,” Schmid say s.If your cat has eaten raw chicken and exhibits signs of intestinal discomfort Contact your veterinarian immediately.


Small bones could seriously injure your cat’s bones in chicken that are raw could get stuck in the stomach, esophagus or intestinal tract, and create a risk of choking. In certain instances bones that are sharp may penetrate the intestinal tract and could cause serious sepsis, Schmid states.

Nutritional Deficiency

“Raw chicken does not offer a comprehensive nutritional profile, and therefore shouldn’t be used as the only food source,” Schmid explains. Cats require a sufficient amount of taurine. This is vital for the health of your cat’s heart. Veterinarian-approved cat food is the best way to provide your cat with the essential nutrients needed for a healthy, balanced diet.

What Should I Do If My Cat Accidentally Ate Raw Chicken

If your cat has eaten raw chicken that was not properly prepared, it’s crucial to be vigilant about your cat and consult your vet if you notice any of these signs: Can cats eat carrots If you’re considering feeding the cat chicken that is raw (or any other raw meat) It’s crucial to talk to your veterinarian? When cats eat raw food in the open, your domestic cat will be used to processing and cooked food. If your vet has given you the approval to add raw chicken to your cat’s diet, here are some safety tips to help keep your cat and you protected.

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