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Brown-headed Parrots

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Pet Potential

Brown-headed parrots are generally known for their sweetness. The relatively small parrots tend to be more peaceful species than other varieties of parrots and are a good option for people who live in apartments.

They are active with a lot of personality, Purple Birds  and are generally loving, but they don’t need attention like some other species of parrots do. They are more independent once they mature (when they’re between 2 to 3 year old). Males who are mature may exhibit aggression during the breeding season.They are able to learn tricks and, if they are well-socialized they will enjoy being handled.

Their playful nature makes them enjoyable.Young birds need to be exposed to a wide range of people, and exposed to different experiences in order to keep them from fearing new situations. Adult parrots are less able to adapt to environments that are unfamiliar to them.


These parrots that are active require the largest cage as they can. At at a minimal, the cage must have the following dimensions 4 feet x 4 Ft x 4 ft, or 3 ft x 6 feet and five-quarter” or 3/8″ bars spaced. The cage must have minimum two perches in order to allow the parrots to easily move between them.Brown-headed Parrots

Ideally an outdoor cage or flight area should be also provided in order for these parrots to benefit from the benefits of natural sunshine along with fresh, clean air (weather conditions permitting). Ideally, pets require an outdoor cage in order to get fresh air and sunlight in the good conditions.

They must be provided with lots of toys that can entertain the animals both inside and out of cage. Everyday activities outside of the cage should be provided to exercise and stimulate the mind.They are able to live for up 30 years if they receive proper care. But, the majority live between 15 to 20 years.


Showering or bathing is crucial to maintain the health of your skin and plumage. Are Bats Birds  condition. You can also mist them and dried in a warm area or outside in the sunlight.There are as many reasons to clipping the wing of a bird in the same way just as arguments in opposition to this technique.

If the bird’s owner decides to clip the wing of a bird be aware that injuries may occur when wings are clipped excessively. Heavy-bodied birds can fall onto the floor like a stone, leading to serious injuries, like the breaking of a chest bone. It is possible to avoid this by trimming just enough to allow the bird to glide across the floor.

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