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What are the best ways to choose a coffee table for your living room?

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Are you in the market for a new coffee table? You can go around as much as possible and will most likely uncover hundreds of table designs.

Coffee tables are a mainstay in any living space. They provide a spot to set your drink or nibbles as you relax on the couch. But with so many styles and options available, how can you choose the appropriate one for your home?

From basic designs to whimsical selections, there’s bound to be something for everyone. But, wait do you know what size, shape, or color works with your décor?

Follow some tips before browsing Pier furniture in Houston for a luxury coffee table and find the perfect one for your home!

Here are a few tips to help you pick the right coffee table for your furniture:

  • Rectangular table with a standard sofa:

If you have a standard-sized living room with a standard sofa and a few chairs, go for a rectangular coffee table. Remember, form follows function. You will see how perfect a rectangular table looks in your lengthy living room. An oval-shaped coffee table is another viable choice. But, a rectangular table adjusts gracefully in a minimal space, and you won’t feel it. However, you are less likely to find a rectangular coffee table with storage. So, opt for a coffee table with a glass top to transform your living space.

  • Square table with a large sectional:

Okay! The square table is an excellent choice if you have a traditional living setup. For instance, you might have a large sectional or a bulky sofa set with three-seaters. Moreover, a square-shaped center table fits perfectly with an L-shaped sofa and a chaise. It will create a middle zone that also supports the square shape of a living room.

The best part of a square coffee table is that you can customize it into a storage hub. You can choose any luxury article from Pier furniture in Houston, and Winport will design and craft it for you. Junk up your catalogs on the square table for a modernized look.

  • A round table for limited space:

When you live in a small apartment, every corner and space matters; in that case, a round coffee table is a perfect choice. You can also point every little thing towards the table and feel safe with the kids. Moreover, the best part of having a round table is that it will also fit in a nook and center. Plus, it will make your room visually look standard size.

  • Oval-shaped table for living rooms:

The room size does not matter when the oval coffee table is your first call. It is the best pick for any living room, especially when you have kids playing around. No sharp edges; hence, no risks! A classic oval table with a marble table can transform the look of your living room. But, it would help if you went for thin legs to balance the weight of an oval table. Also, balancing stuff on this table can be tricky but manageable.  

  • Urban-style with luxury furniture:

Well, you shouldn’t struggle with picking up a coffee table. When it comes to luxury living rooms, urban style is your go-to style. A luxury setup needs an elevated design and finish. A round top with a caged bottom in the golden finish- what more do you ask for in a luxury coffee table. These urban designs have so much to over not just in living rooms but also in luxury bedrooms.     

Let’s conclude:

So, whether your furniture is modern or traditional- follow our guidelines for the perfect coffee table selection, and be sure to get one that will complete your look. Remember, square shapes work well with sectionals and other large pieces of furniture. And round and oval-shaped tables are perfect when you want to achieve a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. With so many options on the market today, there’s no reason not to find the ideal coffee table for your home.

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