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Are Dhoop And Agarbattis Harmful To Health?

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In my grandmother’s house, the ritual of lighting the agarbattis wheel at dusk after the sun had been going on for a long time. I don’t think there are any nights when she or my grandfather doesn’t light the lamps and rims in their restaurant where their god’s shelves stand. We always spend our holidays at his house and we enjoy it with our cousins. The time of each night was fun, as my Aji lit a different stick with a different flavor. Sometimes sandalwood, sometimes flowers. The whole room is filled with the beautiful aroma of the dhoop. Even now, our grandparents light rim sticks and agarbatti stand at night. My mother uses the same method.

As a child, I never understood the importance of this practice. In addition, many articles and reviews on the Internet mention that odor-damaging chemicals contain chemicals that create a visible sensation and make it difficult for people to breathe in fragrant rooms. Situations are no longer added. What is the difference between the baskets my grandmother used and the baskets people used often?

Traditionally, dhoop sticks and agarbattis contain no chemicals. Yes, it is made of many natural ingredients such as cow shit, camphor and resin. In recent years, our market has been flooded with hoops and fragrances containing harmful chemicals used to create bases and bonds. The aroma and sticks of the beef tongue are almost forgotten. However, recent research and studies have shown that agarbattis made from poop is actually good for the atmosphere.

The benefits of burning odors and rims

Reduce stress and anxiety

Certain perfumes are said to have a calming effect on the mind and body. Agarbattis and dhoop are great for relaxing natural ingredients like guggul and sandalwood. Even the scent of flowers is conducive to relaxation.

 Disease prevention

Cattle shit are known to be part of infectious disease treatment in northern Nigeria and Cameroon. Source. Hoop sticks were also burned in India when infectious and viral diseases spread into homes. The best way to export cow shit into the atmosphere is by dhoop inflammation or agarbattis.

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Room purifier

Agarbattis is the best air purifier. Non-chemical agarbattis has different flavors such as Sandalwood, Mouthfeel, Floral and Agnihotra. There is no gas or harmful chemicals such as liquid fragrances.

Air purification

Recent research has aimed to design herbal remedies using dhoop sticks, solards, cattle, camphor, and various herbs to minimize the use of chemicals and disinfectants to clean up the environment. … Current work is focused on the preparation and evaluation of natural and herbal dhoop preparations for environmental clean-up. The antibacterial activity of the manufactured product has been validated and confirmed as a potential source of disinfection in various hospitals, hotels and laboratories Such.

Have you ever used agarbattis or dandelion dhoop sticks? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below. If not, click here to order agarbattis and dhoop sticks now!

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