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An Overview of Direct to Consumer Analytics

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Using direct to consumer analytics is essential for a consumer goods company, as detailed insight about consumers is needed to create effective marketing campaigns. While some companies have their own DTC channels, others acquire companies to take advantage of their capabilities. With the right data analytics capabilities, direct to consumer companies can optimize their marketing spending and create a more responsive supply chain. This article provides an overview of the direct to consumer analytics process and highlights some key components to consider when implementing such technology.

As a Data Analyst, you will conduct hands-on work as a Lead within a small team of analysts. You will be responsible for driving strategic data initiatives by providing actionable insights. You’ll be working closely with the VP of Analytics and ensuring that strategic data initiatives are executed efficiently. Experience in the D2C/E-Commerce industry is strongly preferred. If you’re looking to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment with a great team, this is the opportunity for you!


Direct-to-consumer analytics will help a consumer products company measure, understand, and anticipate customer behavior. By identifying consumer trends, a company can better understand which product lines are working and which are not. Detailed data will allow companies to understand which marketing and sales strategies are converting the best customers. This insight will help them make more effective decisions and improve their overall business performance. It also helps them create strategies to improve their customer experience.

By implementing a smart D2C strategy, a company can complement existing channels and increase revenue for both parties. Distributors should be made aware of how D2C benefits their retail partners. Companies should test new products and pricing in a D2C channel so they can understand what they’re offering. Once they’ve found what works, they can offer their partners the best-selling items. Special promotions and acquired customer lists can also help drive foot traffic to retail partners.


Direct to consumer analytics marketing requires sophisticated analytics. D2C analytics can help a company identify the right audience and develop a marketing strategy based on that information. A company’s success in this space depends on its ability to attract and retain customers. Successful D2C companies use these analytics techniques to drive sales. By studying the consumer behavior and the buying habits of consumers, they can use data to improve their products and services.

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In 2017, Proctor & Gamble launched an online DTC service for Gillette shavers. Customers can buy replacement blades for their shavers and set up a subscription service. This service was a direct result of extensive consumer research. Its DTC presence has enabled it to collect data on consumer preferences. Consumers are increasingly receptive to direct-to-consumer offerings. However, the benefits of direct-to-consumer marketing outweigh its risks.


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