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All You Need To Know About Anticlimb Fence Panels

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Whether it is a commercial building, construction site, school, or your house, they all need to be protected from trespassers and miscreants. While we all know that the best way to safeguard your property is to install fencing around it, but have you explored an anticlimb fence? 

Let’s get to know more about these amazing security structures better and where can you find temporary fence panel rentals:

What Are Anticlimb Fence Panels?

Before we talk about the benefits of anticlimb temporary security panels, let us understand what they are and how they make places trespass-free. 

Anticlimb fence panels are high-security fence panels that are purpose-designed to prevent people from scaling or climbing over your perimeter fence. They are usually made of a type of robust welded mesh panel with tiny mesh openings. These mesh openings are too small to allow anyone to climb over them or even get a grip. 

Who Can Use an Anticlimb Fence?

Anyone who wants their perimeter to be secured can use an anticlimb temporary fence panel rental. It is also typically used around depots and storage yards where valuable stocks are stored. 

Schools, prisons, and hospitals also use these fences. After all, who wants vandals and trespassers sneaking into their spaces to steal or damage things?

That’s not all, other places need to be considered too. These include buildings that are at a considerable height and might be used by someone wanting to harm themselves. Besides this, children, animals, curious onlookers, and drunk people are also at a risk in the absence of a visual barrier. 

Why Should You Consider Using Anticlimb Fencing?

Here are some reasons why anticlimb temporary security fencing is one of the most-effective ways to safeguard your property:

They Are A Visual Barrier

You should not only put such security measures in place that are difficult to penetrate but its prospects must also look daunting for the person trying it. Anticlimb fences serve as visual barriers that deter miscreants even from attempting to hamper your security arrangements. 

They Physically Deter Security Breaches

Anticlimb temporary security panels and their aperture size makes it difficult to climb over them. They are not just difficult to scale using hands and feet, but are also highly resistant to the regular cutting tools. 

This should be enough of a solid physical deterrent to trespassers from attempting to intrude on your space. 

They Save You From Losses

Investing in anticlimb temporary fence panels is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables such as home or business equipment, building material, artefacts, and so much more. 

They not just save you from losses, but also protect your reputation. 

Anticlimb Fences Are Easy To Install

Anticlimb fences are extremely easy to install and don’t require extensive drilling or digging in the ground. You can either use the pre-embedded installation method that requires you to just bury the columns around 35-50 centimetres into the ground. Alternatively, if you are installing this fencing on a cement floor, you may need to use the ground-mounted installation method. In this, all you need to do is to weld a plate at the bottom of the column and screw it into the ground. 

They Are Low Maintenance

Anticlimb fences are quite durable. They are built to last a long time while being resistant to wear and tear and rust. They can handle inclement weather conditions well while safeguarding your property against intrusion.

Anticlimb temporary security panels are pretty easy to repair too. Damages can be easily fixed by simple welding without having to replace the whole panel. 

Anticlimb Fences Are Versatile

The applications of anticlimb fences go much beyond just protecting your property. They are a great way to protect children, pets, and even wildlife that get too close to restricted areas.

The height of these fences creates an effective obstacle to avoid them climbing over and getting into risky situations. 

Besides all these, anticlimb security panels can also be used along with additional security options. They include using razor wires, security lighting, CCTV, and more. For exploring the best anticlimb temporary fence panels rental in Calgary, get in touch with Battlefield Supply. Having secured properties in the area for more than two decades, we are the top choice for temporary fence rentals. To know more and get your free quote, call us at 403-700-5922.

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