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Nandi hills camping
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At dusk, as the sky shrouds the Nandi Valley in gleaming obscurity, advance toward our twilight campground. Get yourself into a tent as you tune in to the resonant tunes of nature. The hooting of owls, the roaring breeze and the delicate cries of animals far away. Rest with the stars and ascend with the sun to praise nature in its most genuine symbol. 

Nandi hills is a bunch of lovely little hillocks situated at a little distance of 60 km from Bangalore. Nandi hills is a delightful place of interest that has slowly been found by guests throughout the long term, and has now become a notable end of the week escape. Arranged at a tallness of 4851 feet above ocean level, you can see caravans of weekenders from Bangalore during early hours getting a brief look at the crack of dawn. 

About The Area 

Situated at the lower regions of Nandi hills, it is a most loved spot to numerous Bangaloreans. Something other than an eatery/bistro/campground, it is an encounter community to appreciate delectable and cleanliness food, drinks, music, indoor and open air exercises, camp stay, downpour dance, amphitheater, occasions, huge fire and more.The property in itself is a visual enjoyment.

All aspects of the day absorbs the magnificence of its kind.The mornings are welcome with beams of daylight with various birds twittering around, The early afternoon are warm with delightful lake see, the nights get charming with the perspective on a dusk and the night gets colder to appreciate the huge fire and delectable supper with friends and family 

About the Movement: 

Stay in the midst of the unbounded excellence of pleasant scenes that comprises Nandi hills, rich greenery and bright vegetation fauna piece. 

Appreciate outdoors with tent stay convenience on 2/3 offering to the arrangement of 8 sterile washrooms. 

Appreciate remaining at the camping area alongside delectable suppers for breakfast and supper. Different suppers and bar-b-que can likewise be benefited on uncommon plans can be made on extra charges. 

The campground gives you a 24-hour café office so you can appreciate the dinners with fun talk meetings. 

The campground provides food for the office of got leaving region inside the camping area so you can serenely carry your private vehicle with you. 

Get enjoyed indoor-outdoor exercises and appreciate the fun at the camping area. Sit by the huge fire at night and visit with your kindred vagabonds or go for a short traveling meeting to get a handle on the unbounded excellence of the area. 


You can appreciate experience outdoors in a particularly hypnotizing area ,along these lines allowing you to accumulate never-ending recollections .You can enjoy a 3-course rope exercises ,open air ball games , indoor ball games,pool table , and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Go for a stroll with your friends and family through astounding picturesque spots and appealing insides to take vital pictures .


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Are Nandi hills worth visiting? 

so the spot looked excellent ,the picturesque excellence from the highest point of the slope was great . so we had an extremely incredible time and delighted in with companions. the second time I visited the environment so was alright, bright and overcast. so didn’t discover the spot a lot of appealing however you can appreciate the drive up the onwards 

Which month is ideal to visit the Nandi hills? 

You can investigate the spots around Nandi hills and further enjoy climbing and journeying without stressing over other climate concerns. Months going from October to February would be the ideal time for you to visit the delightful Nandi hills. 

What is unique in Nandi hills? 

Nandi hills is a lovely slope post that once filled in as a mid year retreat for Tipu Ruler. Clad in rich history, the hillock includes numerous picturesque vacation spots like Tipu’s mid year home, Tipu’s Drop, Yoga Nandeeshwara Sanctuary. 

How long can we spend in Nandi hills? 

 2-3 hours at the slopes is an absolute necessity. This spot is freezing early in the morning and you can see a stunning dawn from top. Plan to arrive at the spot by 6 am. You can without much of a stretch burn through 2-3 hrs over yonder. Spot is likewise having a delightful nursery and little sanctuary.

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