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All About Cockatoos

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Are you thinking about adding a new bird to your household? Perhaps you are thinking of a cockatoo since they are among the most sought-after species of birds that are pet friendly. While every bird has distinct characteristics, there are common threads that connect the background as well as the behavior, temperament, and requirements for the care of the cockatoo. Learn the information you should be aware of before bringing the cockatoo into your home.

The History of the Cockatoo

There are more than 20 species of Cockatoos each with distinct behavior and personality, according to Jody Rosengarten an instructor for dogs psychologist, behavior therapist, and parrot lover.  Do Birds Have Sex  Cockatoos can be extremely social, and in the wild can be seen foraging in groups of up to 100 birds.

The most common and widespread species of cockatoo encountered on the open is the 14-inch galah that flaunts its gray and pink wings across its skies across Australia. Pet owners are more familiar of the larger 20-inch sulfur-crested cockatoo with its distinctive crest of small golden, forward-curving, gold-colored feathers on its head in accordance with Encyclopedia Brittanica.

The type of cockatoos, tend

To be white and originally indigenous to eastern and northern Australia, New Guinea, and Tasmania. Some species of cockatoos, however, like the Moluccan and the Moluccan, have a color of salmon while the rare black palm cockatoo appears to be a stunning black and red.

Cockatoos have a long life span of over sixty years in some bigger species found in the wild, explained Dr. Alicia McLaughlin, DVM assistant veterinarian of the Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine in Bothell, WA.

What Do Cockatoos Eat

According to Dr. Hess, cockatoos need a varied diet, including greens, vegetables, and fruits, with around two-thirds of a typical diet coming from nutritionally balanced, formulated pellets. A solely seed-based diet is not advised according to her, since seeds are deficient in almost all essential nutrients. Seeds should comprise no more than 10% of a cockatoo’s diet explained Dr. McLaughlin, with a greater emphasis on fresh, fresh fruits and vegetables and cooked legumes and grains.

Behavioral Issues in Cockatoos

Each cockatoo is unique and has distinct personality traits, and while some may be loving, some are even “cuddle-able,” especially as young ones, Rosengarten said, others are extremely aggressive and are prone to bite when they become sexually mature between 5- 7 years old. Do Birds Have Teeth The majority of the time, the cockatoos are well-known for their capacity to bond with companions, and while this is a wonderful trait for an animal, it frequently causes separation anxiety among these birds.

“It is very difficult to meet the husbandry and socialization requirements of most cockatoos,” Dr. McLaughlin said. They generally do not make great pets for the first-time bird owners due to their constant need to be watched, their need for lots of time outside of their cages, and the tendency to squawk and shout. Dr. McLaughlin also said that she observes more behavioral issues with the cockatoo than any other parrot species.

Caring for Your Cockatoo

Cockatoos also have a reputation for eating non-food items and can develop medical conditions, such as reproductive disorders such as liver disease, egg binding and obesity Dr. McLaughlin said. Since the birds are known to have an habit of chewing (and therefore swallowing) things that are not food

-related, such as furniture, wires as well as paints, they need to be watched closely whenever they leave their cages. Owners of cockatoos can also encourage the exercise of playing — for example, climbing trees on stands outside of cages and avoiding overweight.

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