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Alienware Aurora Gaming PC

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The Alienware aurora 2019 gaming PC provides the ideal balance of performance and customization. It’s ideal for gamers who desire a powerful desktop, but don’t have the funds to invest in an expensive model.

The Aurora R13 provides extensive customization, such as customizable RGB lighting patterns and GPU overclock settings. Plus, it comes with an impressive app that lets you control audio playback quality and fan performance from afar.


When shopping for a gaming PC, you likely want one that’s tailor-made to your individual requirements. That is why Alienware provides so many customization options.

You have the option to select from Intel or AMD CPUs, as well as graphics cards from different manufacturers. Plus, you can experiment with RAM to find the ideal combination for your requirements.

Another impressive aspect of the Aurora R13 is that you can upgrade its components without taking it apart, which makes it perfect for anyone wanting to add a new processor or graphics card without feeling overwhelmed by all the steps necessary.

Customize the appearance of your gaming computer with MightySkins vinyl decals. They come in an extensive selection of colors and designs, so you can really make your Aurora stand out from its peers.


The Alienware Aurora Gaming PC is an impressively stylish and powerful machine designed to take your gaming experience to new heights. Powered by high-end components with PCIe 5.0 bandwidth for optimal performance, plus plenty of customizable options so it’s truly unique to you.

The Aurora boasts a great design that allows you to open the case and swap out parts as needed. There are seven total ports, including four Type A, one Type C with Power Delivery and two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports.

The ALX Chassis offers an advanced thermal management system, using sensors at various locations inside to optimize cooling and acoustics for extreme gaming systems. Active vents at the top open and close dynamically to provide additional heat dissipation, protecting internal components from overheating.


Alienware aurora gaming PC is equipped with powerful components to deliver the latest games at their optimal performance. Plus, it’s built to be easily upgraded so you can add new components as your gaming needs evolve.

The Aurora is designed with an elongated shape that resembles an alien spacecraft pod. On the front, there’s mesh framework, customisable RGB lighting, and a clear viewing window on one side that lets you check your hardware inside.

This model boasts the latest 12th generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, designed to deliver lightning-fast performance and smooth visual rendering for all your gaming needs.

The Aurora offers a selection of storage and memory options tailored to meet your gaming requirements. These include solid-state drives (SSD) as well as traditional hard drives. Furthermore, it supports Intel Optane M.2 memory, an advanced type of flash storage with layers of stacked cells that can switch states 1,000x faster than traditional NAND memory.


The Alienware aurora gaming PC is an excellent value for gamers seeking a powerful, customizable and high-performance machine that’s easy to upgrade. With tool-less upgradeable graphics, memory and storage components, you can swap in new components as your needs change over time.

It offers a selection of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, from the GeForce RTX 30-series to Radeon RX 6000 series. And thanks to its focus on cooling, the Aurora can stay cool enough even during intense gaming sessions.

It’s also equipped with ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type A) and USB 3.1 Type C (type-A). For faster data transfers between devices, the Aurora also features a side entry panel for convenient access to system components. Plus, with one year of Premium Support included, you’ll have a dedicated team available to answer all your computer-related queries and concerns.


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