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Learn About Parts Of AC That Need Extra Care And Demands Good Care

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Summer is at its peak, and the sun is about to suck all glucose levels from your body, so what can save you from this freaking hot weather. Did you pronounce AC? So yes, you are right, it has become a habit for us to sit in our car by turning on AC, and we can cross the whole burning summer easily by enjoying a road trip or laying in the bedroom under an AC cover. But AC can go wrong with many factors, such as low cooling, odor, refrigerant levels, etc. That’s why it’s always suggested to get your AC or other electronic devices serviced at particular time intervals. Let’s explore the car Air con Service components that need to be repaired and checked regularly.

Compressor: As its name speaks for itself, this component is responsible for compressing the refrigerant. It puts high pressure on the refrigerant and passes on the evaporator, where the condenser changes gas to a liquid. 

Refrigerant: It is the main component that is required for cooling, it absorbs heat from the atmosphere and releases cool air, but there are many types of refrigerant available in the market, and it’s necessary for AC owners to get their refrigerant level in check otherwise Ac world starts malfunctioning.  

Condenser: A mesh of coil inside an AC denoted as a condenser. It usually has a zig-zag pattern to remove the heat from the compressed gas state easily. 

Dryer/ Accumulator:  This has a really important role in eliminating moisture air from the atmosphere and helps you eliminate odours from cars due to weather or clogged accumulators. 

3 Most Common Car AC problems( with Troubleshooting):

Cooling is not enough: Sometimes AC doesn’t work well due to refrigerant levels or a failed compressor. It’s really necessary to clean the compressor or inner parts from clogging it to reduce the coil’s surface area, and as a result, AC doesn’t function well. 

Bad Odor:  When AC’s evaporator or condenser doesn’t function well. There is moisture trapped inside that causes a bad smell like rotten eggs while operating the AC. 

Noise:  When you don’t care or maintain your AC with time, it starts sounding like an engine-like motor is working inside, which is not a good sign. It can damage the parts, cause overheating, or might affect the durability of the machine. 

Final Words:

The air conditioning service does not ask you more. But yes, after a particular point in time, it demands service so that AC vents can be wiped clean, condenser function can be tracked, and cabin filters can be managed properly so that avoidable damage can be tracked and fixed at priority. 

A good and caring owner always notices changes their vehicle is making or where things need to be repaired or serviced; if not, what can be the possible serious damage that can occur. 

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