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Abscesses in Chinchillas

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Inflammatory Skin Lesions, Abscesses

If pus accumulates in a pore under the skin or inside the organ’s membrane the abscesses form. In chinchillas, abscesses generally are the result of an infection resulting from bite wounds or other traumas. These infections can be bacterial, and spread into other parts of the body, developing abscesses as well. Blue Colored Birds  Abscesses should be treated immediately since they can be transmitted to the bloodstream which can cause toxemia and, in long-term and extreme cases, death.


The doctor will perform an examination of the skin lesions in order to identify the possibility of hematomas, skin-like cysts, and abdominal hernias through an exploratory puncture to the abscess as well as determine the type of abscess and its contents. Abscesses in Chinchillas


Abscesses with ruptures should be fully removed and flushed with an antiseptic treatment recommended by your physician; topical antibiotic creams can be used as needed. In the event of abscesses that aren’t yet ruptured, your physician might suggest removing the abscess surgically or applying topical heat-producing lotions to it in order to soften the abscess, and then drain it.  Do Birds Have Ears Abscesses tend to heal faster after removal surgically. Antibiotics are prescribed to treat both non ruptured and ruptured abscesses, to prevent the spread of infection to other areas within the body.

Living and Management

Ask your vet on the appropriate form to treat an abscess and its evolving schedule. If your pet’s chinchilla has been through surgery to remove the abscess, you must follow the procedures that are recommended by your vet. Be sure that your chinchilla isn’t grooming the area that has been affected because it can hinder recovery.

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