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8 Action-Adventure Movies to Watch on DirecTV

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If you have subscribed to one of DirecTV packages, you are in for a great deal of entertainment. There is something for everyone, kids, teenagers, sports fans, and action-adventure fanatics. Here is a list of the best action-adventure movies you should watch on DirecTV right now!

Don’t Breathe

We have always felt bad about old and physically challenged individuals who live on their own. Well, that is what is changed when you watch Don’t Breathe, which follows the story of a blind old man fighting off a trio of thieves. The thieves plan to rob the man by entering his house and taking advantage of his blindness. This plan goes down the drain when the old man turns out to be a war veteran and has many secrets to unravel about himself.

American Sniper

If you are a fan of war movies, maybe you should give this one a watch. If you are a blockbuster lover, chances are you have already heard or watched this movie because it was such a huge success when it was first released in 2014. The movie follows the story of a war fighter who just came back from the horrors he faced in Iraq. However, his experiences during the war remain stuck with him and keep him traumatized, affecting his personal and professional life. The American Sniper’s cast includes Bradley Cooper, Luke Grimes, Sienna Miller, and Sammy Sheik.


Starring the ever-charming Liam Neeson, this movie is a must-watch for an in-air adventure and action. The movie tells the story of a US air marshal who is threatened by mysterious hijackers to pay them about 150 million dollars. If the air marshal’s airline company fails to pay the criminals behind all this, they would every single person on the flight. To save the flight passengers, ensure their safety, and also get rid of the criminals now is the air marshal’s responsibility. Other important actors in the movie include Julianne Moore, Scoot McNairy, Corey Stoll, and even the Black Panther star Lupita Nyong’o.

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The Accountant

If you are in for a movie with loads of twists and turns that keep you on the edge at all times, watch The Accountant. It follows the story of a freelance accountant who works as a CPA officer at the forefront. However, the truth is that he is involved with organized crime groups all around the world, and helps keeps their financial records clean and off the radar. Things take a 180 degree turn when the FBI starts to take a closer look at his moves and starts to follow his every move. The movie includes a bunch of information that might make you get lost easily, so watch it with full attention! The accountant in the movie is played by Ben Affleck, so you can expect some entertaining performance there.


Dunkirk has proved to be one of the most impactful war movies released in 2017. This war-action movie is Harry Style’s debut in acting, and also a great historical-period movie directed by Christopher Nolan for the first time. Other important members of the cast include Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Fionn Whitehead. The movie follows the events of World War II, where a group of soldiers battle with Germany to evacuate a town called Dunkirk. Keep in mind that there may be several graphic scenes and that a lot of action and violence in the movie might call for a good company to watch it with.


You will find a bunch of action-adventure movies on DirecTV that have an amazing cast. Fury is one such example. This movie stars Brad Pitt, Shia LeBoeuf, Michael Peña, and Logan Lerman. All these amazing performers tell the story of war heroes who decided to fight against the Nazi Army, although they were far less in number. The plot is built on many different stories that happened for real during World War II, making this movie truly immersive and intense. The movie was released in 2014 and is over 2 hours long, but not a second of the movie is disengaging!

John Wick

If you are already a fan of action-adventure movies, then there are high chances that you have heard of John Wick. Starring everybody’s favorite person, Keanu Reeves, this movie tells the story of an ex-assassin and has several themes, including death, love, family, and revenge. It revolves around John Wick, the ex-assassin who lost his wife to sudden death but starts to reconnect with his violent and revenge-full side as a gang of thugs kills his pet puppy. The puppy was the last thing his wife had left him, and there was no way he could let the killers be free. It’s a tragic action movie where you see a powerful character take decisions and fight only based on his emotions.

The Nice Guys

A movie can’t go wrong if it stars Ryan Gosling in it. And with The Nice Guy’s plot and characters, there is nothing you would not like about the movie. Alongside Ryan Gosling, there are many significant actors such as Russel Crowe, Angourie Rice, and Margaret Qualley. Get some vintage yet groovy vibes with this movie, since it is set in 1977 in the city of Los Angeles. A teenage girl has gone missing, and a team of 2 must find her, only to find some shocking and unsettling truths. The duo between Gosling and Crowe is full of realistic yet fun chemistry that keeps the audience pretty entertained!

Wrapping it Up!

To sum up, there is surely a great variety of action-adventure movies on DirecTV. You can either buy, rent, or download them for offline viewing. If you subscribe to DirecTV Stream, you will need a stable internet connection to work with. For that, AT&T is the best choice. You can pair up AT&T internet and DirecTV seamlessly to enjoy streaming and watching all the titles in its huge library.

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