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7 tips for planning a school sports tournament

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School sports are popular with everyone: players, parents, classmates and even rival schools. A school sports tournament is a great way for children to show off their school spirit while participating in a favorite activity. But organizing a school sports tournament requires a lot of effort. Volunteers and sponsors are crucial to your success. There are a few things you can do to make sure the school sports tournament runs smoothly and is an event that everyone will want to attend every year.

Plan ahead.

The more time you have to plan your event, the more detail you can take care of. It can also help you find event volunteers, donation sponsors, and promotions. Time is your friend.

2. Assign jobs

. Assign specific tasks to each volunteer to accomplish. Most school volunteers are parents, often with full-time or part-time jobs and other responsibilities. Making your task specific and measurable will help them accomplish the tasks that need to be done. People often feel good when they do something, which makes them want to do more. It gives volunteers tasks that they would enjoy, matching their personalities and skill levels.

3. Get a sponsor.

Sponsors can often be an important part of a school sports tournament. Some items for which you may want to find a sponsor include goodies and trophies. You may also want to get sponsors for “gift” items for the crowd, such as sunscreen or sunscreen. School event sponsors are best found in the school community: ask parents and local companies to sponsor you. A great way to find sponsors is for parents to accompany a child to the 스포츠중계 team to request sponsorship.

4. Organize meetings.

If you are organizing a sports tournament, you may need to meet with volunteers from time to time and discuss many details. It is best if your meetings are well organized and run smoothly. Volunteers will remember an event that had meetings that started on time and ended on time and continued on duty. During the meeting, take the time to thank everyone for their role in the event and to thank them personally. It also encourages future participation and excites everyone to the event.


5. Thanks to the sponsors

. It is important to thank all the sponsors who attended your event. Sponsors will remember if they were satisfied or ignored, and this may determine their commitment for next year. Make a phone call and write a letter thanking them for participating. Writing a letter is important because many companies like to hang them in their stores to show that they support their local community. It also benefits you because it is a harbinger of your sports tournament for the coming year.


  1. Advertise. Your event must be announced in the local newspaper, cable TV and local radio station. Use all types of media available to you. The fact that your event appears in the media is a time to “inflate” the spirit of the school and it is interesting for children to see it in the school newspaper. It’s also a great opportunity to thank the sponsors for your event. Get a copy of the newspaper, TV show, or radio show, and share it with your sponsors so they know what they’re talking about. This will encourage them to participate in the future.


  1. Children. The purpose of the School Sports Tournament is for children to learn about sportsmanship and to have the opportunity to participate in an activity that promotes school spirit. Sometimes small details can go wrong when planning a big event. However, if you focus on having fun with your children, it will all matter less if you focus on the big picture. Don’t forget to thank everyone who participated, the children are having so much fun and your enthusiasm will definitely be there next year!

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