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5 ways to maintain a dirndl dress

dirndl dress
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dirndl dress

A dirndl dress can undoubtedly level up your fashion sense, but it can be hard to maintain in the long run if treated carelessly. Dirndls are precious trendy pieces that need your attention and care. You might see wear and tear issues after some time since you wore it. 

Every dress varies in terms of fabrics, colors, and design. You don’t wish to see a beautiful dress like a dirndl with spot marks, dirt, and teared-up issues.  

What makes a dirndl dress condition worse?

A dirndl is a custom of the 19th century. Working women of Bavaria and Austria used to wear it to carry out day-to-day duties. It was a simple dress with no details or embroidered blouses. It was made of cotton fabric which was easy to wear and wash. They were low-maintenance dresses.

With time, dirndl dresses have been upgraded regarding fabric, bright colors, and design. A modern dirndl has precious material, captivating color contrast, and embroidered blouses. That is why it is even more important today to take care of it than it was previously.

Nonetheless, there can be many reasons why Essentials Hoodie owners face deterioration issues. Some of the most common reasons are listed below.

  • Spilled over beer

Oktoberfest is the best place to spot vibrant dirndls. The fact that it is a tradition makes it even more obvious that almost every woman will wear it with a glass of beer. It has a fair chance of being spilled over the dirndl dress. Such marks can be hard to remove.

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  • Sweat marks

Festivals and wedding parties are great for showing off your dancing skills while wearing a dirndl, but they can also cause sweat marks. These sweat can be hard to vanish if not taken care of timely.

  • Spilled over food

Festivals and parties are all about dance, beer, and food. Be careful when you eat. You might end up spilling it on your dress. Food stains can be rigid and should immediately be washed off before it stays on permanently.

  • Heavy jewelry

Heavy jewelry can give you a glamorous look, but it can cause wreckage to dirndl dresses. To secure it, you should wear minimal jewelry with a dirndl.

Keep your dirndl safe as much as you can. However, there are some situations where it is difficult to protect it. To tackle these situations, you need essential ways to nurture dirndls for a long period.

Proven ways to protect dirndl dresses from deterioration

There are some customary ways in which you save your expensive dresses. However, with a dirndl dress, you have to be extra polite. A dress has high-quality fabrics and embellished details. Things used to beautify it can get damaged. A dirndl blouse has a ribbon or button to give you a perfect fit. Moreover, a shimmery net apron can also be hard to tackle if it deteriorates.

Nonetheless, you can perform certain tasks to retain and wear them for a long time.

The following task will help you to get back your dirndl dress in perfect condition.

  • Avoid hot dryers

As discussed above, dirndls are made of soft and fine-quality materials. Do not put your dirndls in hot dryers. It will not damage your dress, but you might not even get back what you put in the first place. There is a fair chance that your dirndl dress color will fade, and the fabric can get damaged to a large extent.

  • Use mild detergents

When putting dirndl dresses in the washing machine, always choose to pour in mild detergent to keep it safe.

  • DIY wash

DIY is an old-school way of doing things. We have come up with one such DIY for your dirndl dress. Make a solution of water and vinegar in equal quantities. Soak your clothes in it for 30 minutes. You see your dirndl in as good as new condition.

  • Check water temperature

You should monitor the water temperature before soaking in your clothes. Don’t use hot water. Use only lukewarm waters to get the desired results. Especially, washing your bodice with hot water might result in shrinking issues. Also, wash it frequently to avoid sweat marks.

  • Strict dry cleaning materials

Some materials of dirndls are only meant to be dry cleaned. Never think about washing it yourself. The most commonly found fabric in dirndls are:

  • Silk 
  • Polyester
  • velvet

The fabric mentioned above is only meant to be dry-cleaned. You can maintain a dirndl long if you take care of the above-discussed key points. Now that you know the do’s and don’ts of dirndl dresses, it’s time to grab one!

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