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5 Types Of Poker Games

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But let’s get back to poker games and open our symbolic TOP-5:

1 – Texas Hold’em

You have probably seen more than once on television Texas Hold’em – the most common form of poker. Holdem, in which players are dealt 2 “closed” cards each, and 5 common “open” cards are laid out on the table, is especially popular due to its excitement and fascination, an abundance of strategies, as well as the availability of a network game for any player, regardless of the level and size of bets.


Like it or not, most poker players in the world prefer no-limit Texas Hold’em, which is distinguished by simple rules and the ability to make any bets, including the intriguing “all-in”.

Therefore, learning to play poker, as a rule, begins with hold’em. The object of the game is to collect the highest combination using two of your cards, which you will immediately receive from the dealer at the beginning of the game, and five common “open” cards on the table. However, in order to win, it is enough just to convince the opponent that your cards are better, in other words, to go for a bluff.

On the side of novice players is the factor that in 홀덤총판 you get the most optimal ratio of general / hidden information, which leaves room for maneuver and different game strategies.

Texas Hold’em rules are available here:  Texas Hold’em.

2 – Omaha

To play Omaha, 4 cards are dealt into your hand, of which 2 are used in combination.

The game that claims to be a special status is still far from the poker throne and there are several reasons for this, despite the rules similar to hold’em. Firstly, the player receives 4 cards at once, and the final combination consists of five cards. But only two cards of the player and three common cards from the game table are taken into account.

As a result, the number of options for the game, as well as the possibilities for bluffing, increases, and for inexperienced players it can be too difficult to play against professionals.

Omaha rules are available here:  Omaha poker.

3 – Stud

There are several variations of stud, but the most popular is Seven Card Stud. The main difference between stud and hold’em and Omaha is the lack of community cards. After the round of betting, the dealer deals out three cards to the players, one of which will be open to everyone. You will then receive three more open cards and one face down.

Thus, playing seven card stud, you can see 4 of the opponent’s cards out of the 7 that he will eventually have in his hand. However, like him. The winner is the one who collects the best combination of five of his cards.

The rules for playing Seven Card Stud are available here:  Seven Card Stud Poker.

4 – Heads-up

The most classic type of poker is heads-up, in other words, a one-on-one game. As a rule, it is played according to the rules of hold’em, but to win it is necessary to have iron nerves and a more aggressive game strategy, since you will have to participate in every hand.

5 – Draw poker, Lowball, Badugi, HORSE and others

Almost all of the poker games ranked fifth in our rankings are entertaining games that are very common in home games. However, for each of them they play a WSOP bracelet, and self-respecting poker rooms offer them in their lobby.


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