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5 Roles Every Company Needs to Succeed

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With any startup or other business, there are a few primary roles that should be in place to make sure that the building blocks are there for success. Of course, this can range by niche, but without a few special people, it can make it difficult for any business to thrive.


“Letting go” can often be a difficult thing for many entrepreneurs and startup founders. However, having a steady team to delegate to can make all of the difference. As every company grows, it becomes impossible to continue running a one-person show. That’s why it’s crucial to look for a few different types of candidates as soon as you begin the hiring process.


1. Face of the Company


When you think of both large and small companies that you use every day, there’s probably a spokesperson or company leader that may come to mind. This can be important for a variety of reasons. According to Ryan Rottman of OSDB Sports, it goes a little deeper.


“For a company to become relatable and memorable, there should be a ‘face of the company.’ This is often a founder or CEO, but it can actually be anyone who is suited to building brand recognition. This person should be heavily involved in all types of promotional interviews, regularly making statements to promote the company. This can range from podcasts to providing expert quotes to journalists. The important thing is that they know how to express the goals and culture of the company in a way that resonates with their current and potential customers.”


2. Solid Number Two


Every leader needs someone who they can rely upon without question and without limits. When you’re first building your team, you may begin to see this individual emerge as a natural leader, otherwise known as an intrapreneur.

An intrapreneur is quite similar to an entrepreneur when it comes to skill sets and both working and personality traits. The main difference is that they work for you and not another company. You may see such a person take ownership of projects, speak up more often in company meetings, and even mentor new employees. Once you see this type of behavior emerge, then it’s a smart move to have a conversation and explore how this person can best support you in your role as a leader.


3. Marketing Guru


Every business needs to focus on its marketing strategies, especially in a time when we are surrounded by advertisements, promotions, and all sorts of types of digital marketing efforts. During the uncertain times of the past few years, some companies pushed pause on their marketing campaigns. However, many were left behind, as other businesses continued to push forward. After all, Lauren Kleinman of The Quality Edit notes that there are marketing strategies for all budgets.


“Every company needs a real marketing genius. A whole group of them would help! One of the only real ways to grow your company is by ensuring that it consistently remains visible — and to the right people. Early on, a professional strategist will help you identify and market to your target demographic. This way, your brand will continue to remain relevant and top of mind to its consumers.”


4. Stellar Communicator


All companies need to place a spotlight on communication because it’s THAT important. In a recent study from Entrepreneur, they explain that communication can increase production by a whopping 25%. Just imagine if you could squeeze in more tasks and projects into every working day simply because you chose to communicate more effectively!


Now, it would be ideal to have an entire team of great communicators. However, focus on one employee who can take a few instructions and explain them to the rest of the team in record time. Or, keep your eye on someone who can explain features to a client, or help them work through any challenges they may be having with effortless ease. When doing your early interviews, this is exactly the type of candidate you’ll want to be among your first hires.


5. Creative Innovator


By now, we all know that we have to do things to set us apart from the competition. Whether that be offering better service or using inspirational ideas to implement new processes, every company needs a true innovator on their team to ensure that the ideas never stop coming! David Hatfield of Body and Soul Personal Training predicts that without innovation, some companies won’t be in business for the long haul.

“When we look at the current business environment, what you see are companies who think outside of the box. Offering a good service isn’t always enough, especially when you’re a small business hoping to maintain superior customer relationships. The bottom line is that competition is everywhere. That’s why every business needs to be innovative when it comes to going the extra mile, truly understanding their customers’ needs, and ensuring that they remain both unique and relevant in the marketplace.”

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