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5 Cat Breeds With the Longest Lifespans

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5 Cat Breeds With the Longest Lifespans. Although it’s not unusual to see cats to be 15 years old or older Some breeds are notable for their longevity as companions. It’s not a guarantee of your pet’s ability to live to the age of 20 because nature and nurture are both key elements. However, choosing a breed that has a long life span and taking good treatment of the cat will increase the chances of having a pet that is affectionate for a long time.

Breed Characteristics

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and regular check-ups will extend the life span of your cat. There aren’t specific breed characteristics that distinguish certain breeds that allow them to live longer.  Birds in Colorado  Certain breeds could have higher rates of illnesses or health issues that could reduce the life span of a cat. On the other hand, the mixed breeds may be more likely to enjoy longevity, as they can increase the gene pool.

But, everyone agrees that the most important. one commonality that every cat with long life has is the fact that they’re cat owners who live indoors. Cats that are allowed to roam outdoors are more susceptible to encounters with cats, car accidents as well as diseases. Domestic cats allowed to roam outdoors have the shortest life span of between two and five years, on average.

Here are the top 10 longest-lived cat breeds.


Originating originally from Thailand The striking Siamese is a gorgeous feline breed that has captivated people for a long. It’s famous for its tall size and distinctive markings, in addition to its personality and its vocals. Certain Siamese cats are susceptible to respiratory and dental conditions However, other than that it’s not a breed with major health issues. The lifespan ranges from between 12 and 20 years.


The Burmese – originally the result of crossing a small brunette cat from Burma and Siamese cats — is a playful active, social and adventurous feline. While it is generally healthy, however, the Burmese do have a predisposition to deformities of the cranium as well as glaucoma. Despite these health issues, the average life span of the Burmese is between 16 and 18 years.

Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat Savannah cat, which is a part African cat and part domestic cat is recommended for experienced owners. Although they aren’t completely housed, Savannah cats can be comfortable with humans. They do be unpredictable, active, and feisty temperaments. This breed generally is healthy and is estimated to have a life span of 12 to 20 years.

Egyptian Mau

The mau is named for its appearance in ancient Egyptian art and art, the Egyptian Mau is a gorgeous cat with a distinctive painted coat. can cat eat apple ?   They are usually at ease with humans who consider them to be an integral part of the family and hope to be treated like such. Although some breeds are susceptible to heart diseases The average lifespan of the breed is between 12 and 15 years.


The gentle, easy-going doll is usually a lover of its family and would like to be with them wherever they go. It is also known for being still and sluggish when is held, hence its “ragdoll” nickname. It’s generally healthy however, certain cats are susceptible to heart disease. However, the typical lifespan is 15 years.

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