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4 Ways To Set Your Customers at Ease Before Shipping

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Shipping goods and services can be a pain in the neck if logistical problems arise. Shipping services face a lot of complications when delivering goods to wholesalers, consumers, or retailers because of the numerous complexities involved.

Over the last two years, the shipping service industry has had a supply chain crisis due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic brought the world to a standstill due to lockdowns affecting businesses and activities.


4 Problems That Shipping Services Are Facing

Due to the pandemic that hit the world, challenges arose as a result, and for the past two years, shipping services are still battling this problem. These challenges are:

Shipping Fees

Covid-19 created problems that made shipping services very difficult to manage. The transport industry has had a lot of downfall due to most drivers leaving their jobs due to the pandemic lockdown and restriction of vehicles.

Also, most shipping service owners do not have warehouses in some other locations. These reasons have led to the high cost of shipping services.


Shipping Timelines

One of the issues that most shipping services face when delivering packages is the time scheduled. The pandemic created more problems due to the restrictions and guidelines that come with movement of any form. 

Sometimes, a client has made arrangements around the time that your delivery messenger will drop the products across to them, so they will be disappointed and hindered from following their schedule if the timeline is not met.


Tracking of Packages

Another problem facing shipping services is the tracking of products. The world has evolved in technology, and shipping services must go along with technology trends or risk staying out of the competition. 

Shipping services that do not put a tracking device on their products put their products at risk of being stolen or not getting to the particular location.


Damaged Packages

Most shipping services get their reputation bashed because customers are dissatisfied with their delivered products. In packing or arranging the packages, some products get tampered with, which might damage some of them. 

Also, some shipping companies do not bother to check the condition of the products they are about to deliver; maybe it is in good or bad condition before sending them to their clients. This makes the customer highly dissatisfied and provides terrible reviews.


4 Ways to Set Your Customers at Ease Before Shipping

Here are four ways through which you can put your customers at ease before shipping.


1. Updating Your Customers

The success of shipping services is attributed to their customers’ trust in them. But this trust does not come without effective communication between a shipping service and its clients. Most clients are always happy with their delivery service when they are kept updated from time to time about the movement or preparation of their package. 

Also, using a tracking device for a particular package can ensure real-time delivery tracking by clients. This will lessen the work of the customer service support team or agents in your shipping service.


2. Increased Speed of Delivery

One of the issues that most shipping services face is the delay in the time of delivery. Increasing the speed of delivering packages helps your shipping service promptly deliver goods on time. 

Customers tend to be loyal to shipping services when they know that they will always get their goods in time. Shipping services can also achieve speed by ensuring that the delivery van drivers are experienced personnel and are very familiar with the location of the delivery destination.


3. Giving Customers Access to Check Delivery Statuses

Another way of ensuring that customers can trust you for their package delivery is by allowing them access to monitor their product delivery. Getting a tool that provides electronic proof of delivery is vital to follow this method.

Putting an effective tracking device that allows customers to monitor their package gives them peace of mind. Making them give your delivery service an excellent review because they can know the location of their products at any time. 


4. Reviewing Customers’ Feedback From Time to Time

Any shipping service that wants to thrive will always create periods to check client feedback to improve their services or make neutral changes. Clients may be complaining about the delivery personnel, your service is not fast enough, or your warehousing is far from most of your clients’ locations. 

Listening to this feedback and improving on them by either reallocating delivery jobs to different personnel or putting plans in place to increase your delivery warehouses helps you get better in the market. 



Shipping services should always consider their customers’ happiness when carrying out or going about their delivery process. A customer review is instrumental in marking or distinguishing a particular shipping service as excellent service.

Suppose you have issues with your shipping services and want to resolve them or are looking for better ways to make them stand out. In that case, you can follow the methods in this article to succeed.

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