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4 Pieces of Outdated Resume Advice

4 Pieces of Outdated Resume Advice
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The job market is highly competitive. With all this competition, it is important to make your resume stand out.

Job seekers secure interviews by modifying their resumes to match the requirements of recruiters. However, there is some resume advice doing the rounds that is no longer relevant today. If you take this advice, it may very well hurt your prospects of getting hired. You would do yourself a favor by not falling prey to such advice.

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Adding Objective Statements

They say the first impression is the last. Your resume presents you with the critical opportunity to make that first impression. Most people put an objective statement at the beginning of the resume. They should instead use a summary of qualifications. How do these differ?

An objective statement tells what you are seeking in your next job. A resume summary is a snapshot of what you have achieved in your professional career so far. An objective statement will tell the recruiter what you want while a resume summary will tell them what you have achieved so far.

People have been using objective statements in their resumes for years. However, it is now an outdated practice. Your resume should be about what you can offer your employer rather than what you want from your employer. So you should add a career summary at the top of your resume, followed by the heading and contact information.

Adding Your Complete Mailing Address

The recruitment process has changed significantly in the recent past. Previously, recruiters needed to know your complete mailing address, as physical mail used to be the primary mode of official correspondence.

Mentioning your complete mailing address can be a security risk for job seekers. If your employer needs your mailing address, they will ask for it. Not including your address will also prevent wasting space on your resume. This space can be better utilized to highlight your skills and achievements.

Using the Same Resume for Multiple Job Applications

Previously, it was considered alright to send the same resume to all the companies where you were looking for work. However, this is not the case anymore.

The job market these days is highly competitive. You need to modify your resume for each company and position you apply for. You will be among hundreds of other applicants. If you use the same resume for all your job applications, it will be difficult for you to stand out. Moreover, different jobs and even the same jobs in different companies may have different job requirements. So if you are using just one resume, you will not be catering to the needs of multiple employers.

When editing your resume, include work experience, qualifications, and keywords relevant to the description of the job you are applying to. Remove any content from your resume that is not relevant to the job you are applying to.

Adding References

References can help immensely in securing jobs. However, including it in your resume is an outdated and unnecessary practice. Even if recruiters ask for references, they will ask you only after they decide to give you a job offer. So, including references on your resume will take up unnecessary space, which you can use to highlight more of your achievements.

Summing Up

There is a lot of advice floating on the internet about making resumes. However, there is a lot of obsolete advice as well that you need not listen to. Edit your resume according to the job and company you are applying to.

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